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The online Member Services consist of two main components:

1) Membership Administration
The items under membership administration require you to have a username and password to view and amend your membership information. To log into your account and do so, please click here.

2) Event Registration
The event registration portion of the website allows yourself and your employees to register for events. A username and password are not required but members will be able to shorten the registration process by using them. To view the event calendar, 
click here. For a complete overview of events, click here. 

Username & Password

Your username is normally your e-mail address and the password is randomly assigned by the server. The usernames are initially issued by the chamber staff and all password administration beyond can be performed by the user.

  • Change Password - You have the option of changing your password at any time.
  • Event Calendar - You may view upcoming events.
  • Update Information - Company information, contact information, and directory listing(s) can be amended by selecting the link above.
  • Forgot Password - If you forget your password you may have it sent to you via e-mail.

Update Existing Information

As a member you have the option of logging onto the Campbell River Chamber of Commerce website and changing your Business information. The changes you submit are reviewed by chamber staff prior to being reflected on the website. Please allow 2 working days for changes to take effect.

Edit Organization Information - The Organization information is the information in the Membership Management System used by the Chamber staff to administer your membership. If you wish to change the information displayed on your Internet Listing select the appropriate listing and select “edit.”

Contact Information - The information about contacts related to your organization is used for communication purposes and for event registration. Contact information may remain the same as the Organization information or you may provide individual information for a contact.

Listings - The information displayed on your online listing will depend upon the service package you have purchased. The information in this listing may be amended by 
logging in to the website and submitting changes for review by the staff.

Images - Some of the listing packages allow members to have images displayed with as part of their listing. The images should be e-mailed to 
Member Services so that we can add them to your listing.

File type: gif or jpg
File size: less than 40K
Image Size: not larger than 300 X 300 pixels
Location: Image1 – Above listing
Image 2 – To the right of the listing. 


I forgot my Username and Password. What now? 
Click here, enter your e-mail address, and click on "Get Credentials". Your password will then be sent to you via email.

Can I change my username or password?
Yes. To do so, please 
click here.

How do I get images on my online listing?
Images are not displayed with the standard website listing. The enhanced listings allow you to display an image with your listing. If you wish to purchase an enhanced listing package, please send an e-mail to 
Member Services. If you already have an enhanced listing, e-mail your correctly formatted images (see specifications above) to Member Services.

Will my e-mail address be displayed on the site?
No, the membership directory does not display your e-mail address. However, it provides visitors with the option of e-mailing you information.


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