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As the Voice of Business, the Campbell River & District Chamber of Commerce is the community's leading advocate and champion for business. We actively promote a positive business climate that builds and nurtures a prosperous community.   

Don't Miss Out On the Chamber's Holiday Jingle Mingle!
Thursday, December 4th from 5:00 - 7:00 PM at the Campbell River Museum

Come to enjoy delicious appetizers provided by Acropolis Steakhouse, beer and wine, fantastic prizes and great networking as we show our appreciation for your membership and support of the Chamber.

Click here to register today and see the fabulous prizes that we will be giving away.

Bank of Canada Presentation
Thursday, December 4th from 1:00 - 2:00 PM

Join Calista Cheung, Senior Economics Representative, from the Bank of Canada for an informative presentation on the recent developments in the Canadian economy from a global perspective. There will be an opportunity for Q&A at the end of the presentation.

Please click here to register for this presentation. Please note that this is a complementary presentation, but registration is required.

‘New’ Members Choose Your Dues Level with Tiered Chamber Membership

At the 2014 Chamber AGM, Campbell River Chamber Members voted in favor of adopting a tiered dues membership structure to replace and eliminate the ‘inequality’ of the previous structure that was based on number of employees.

In consultation with our members on why they wanted and supported this change it was based on the following:
  • Members want to choose the benefits and services they need and be able to clearly see what those options are
  • Member needs evolve as they move through their business cycle and they want to renew their membership annually based on what their business needs are at that time
  • Members want to get benefits without having to show up
  • Members want bottom-line benefits with a return on investment
  • Members want to know their contribution and business is appreciated at any level
  • Members want to show their support for the impact and role of the Campbell River Chamber  and reflect that in their choice of tier
We have responded to our member’s by providing a new tiered dues structure with three options.  Starting in January 2015, members will be able to ‘choose’ their membership renewal based on the tier with the services and benefits that best meet their needs.

We look forward to meeting with our members and businesses in the community to support them in deciding which tier will best suit their needs and will bring them closer to accomplishing their goals for 2015.

Resources to help you better understand the tier structure

International Travel Opportunity

The Chamber is excited to announce that we will be offering a second travel opportunity to experience China in April, 2015 after receiving exceptional feedback from travelers who went to China with the Chamber this April.

The trips will take place April 2-10, 2015 and there will be two options for travelers - the first option is to travel to Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou. The second option is to visit the Terracotta Warriors, the Big Wild Geese Pagoda and visit the Huaqing Hot Spring Park and Banpo Museum, a preserved pre-historical cavemen site, in addition to travelling to Beijing and Shanghai. 

click here for more information and details on the trip options, pricing, optional tours, frequently asked questions, testimonials and much more. Please click here to download your registration form. Contact Lindsey Innes, Chamber Events and Member Services Manager, at mbrservices@campbellriverchamber.ca or 250-914-1144 for more information.
Is One of Your Business Goals for 2014 to Increase the Visibility of Your Business?

Is one of you business goals for 2014 to increase the visibility of your business? The Chamber can help you achieve this goal! As a Chamber member, there are a number of
opportunities to profile and promote your business through the Chamber that offer a significant return on investment. Click here to learn more. There are opportunities for every budget! 

Please click here to learn more about the value of your Chamber membership.

Are You Registered to Compete for Contracts Associated with the John Hart and North Island Hospital Projects?

Major Projects Portal is a strategically developed site, targeted at major project bid proponents, and is a one-stop, local supplier and community resource centre. The site will maximize the economic opportunities flowing from major construction projects in the area. Recently the portal launched an accommodation section of the website for suppliers for local accommodation.

Why should you should register as a supplier? Prime contractors are able to browse the profiles of registered suppliers, to gauge what trades, resources and materials are available locally. Registering on the site allows local suppliers to create a tailored profile for a major project’s prime contractor to browse. This is an opportunity for you and your business to be seen, contacted and engaged by major project decision makers. 
Click here to register today.

Be sure to watch for the latest updates on Campbell River major projects including the
John Hart Generating Station Replacement Project and the North Island Hospitals Project!

View the latest Labour Market Report here.
This quarterly report provides a snapshot of local labour market information and major projects.




Many of our members have informed us that they are currently challenged in finding and retaining a skilled workforce that meets their needs. 

Explore our new web pages to find tools, tip sheets, ready to use templates, video resources and compiled local labour market information to help you successfully find, hire, integrate and retain skilled newcomers. Please click here to get started.  




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